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Digital product design (UX / UI)
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Recruiting and building the right design teams takes time, meanwhile the market is not waiting for you. Boana works like a well-oiled maschine and starts without warm up phase.

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We proceed rapidly from prototypes to test results. Gaining user and market insights fast, is the only way to drive market-fit and UX at a time.


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We run projects on-demand or support your inhouse team with design. If needed, we can help you screen, onboard und coach inhouse design teams also.

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German design nerds mixed with Berlin start-up spirit.
  • Senior-level expertise
    We cover digtial product / UX / UI design and branding while consulting clients in digital strategy, rollout and implementation.
  • No guesswork
    User-centered design with biweekly usability testing
  • Sprint-based
    We work in UX sprints to be flexible to new insights and changing markets.
  • Reliably remote
    We work closely with our clients wether in onsite meetings or digital workshop formats.
Thorsten Moser, Partner & Studio Lead
15+ years in UX design, branding and advertising
Deutsche Telekom, Migros, o2, Swiss Air, VW and many startups
Johannes Holl, Managing Partner
15+ years in product development, software, innovation, and UX design
Deutsche Telekom, Commerzbank, NZZ, Spiegel, Daimler and many startups

Each project is guided
by a partner.

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UX design, frontend and branding for a prop‑tech.

The digital tenant platform Allthings brings together asset managers, tenants and real estate companies. We helped transforming their business idea into a product as they made their first steps into the market.

The platform consists of different micro-apps – each app serving a different user need.
The responsive design ist mobile-first, yet looks good on larger screens.
We employed unique illustrations for the onboarding experience.

We shipped the UI design in a coded component library.

A structured system of UI elements (design system) was the basis for a slick production.
We shipped a library with UI components, developed to work with any backend technology.

Hang on.
A platform product needs a logo.

We explored tons of typefaces and logo shapes.
We discussed and evaluated the results with our client and their customers.

»Boana was a great partner to work with. They really pushed the design of our tenant app. I like the way they handled different design variations and were able to understand the business impact behind.«

Stefan Zanetti
Founder Allthings Technologies AG

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