A new Brand for a business automation SaaS

4 brand strategy workshops

defining the core of identity

300+ brand name variations

matching match market and business

8 brand design explorations

exploring the one logo

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2 months in 2019

Design Lead
UX / UI Designers

About the project

Matterway changes the way humans interact with enterprise software. We helped them rebrand the company, design their product and supported them throughout their transformation.

The making of Matterway –
from workshop to brand

Brand workshops –
We formulated a strategy

Boana was already working on the product for a startup called Productive Mobile when they approached us with the need for a brand renaming.We run a bunch of strategic sessions and workshops, came up with potential names for this new brand, followed by a large exploration of brand design ideas. Finally brought the new brand in a first style guide followed by designs for the website, presentations and company stationary.

Brand values –
We defined Matterways’ values

Brand values, essential core beliefs and principles, shaped the companie's identity. It influenced the sales team and employee branding. It was a milestone in differentiating the brand from its competitors and highlighting its uniqueness.

Brand exploration –
We iterated on naming and logo

»Boana understands the intersection between business processes and product development and guided us through the whole process of rebranding our company.«

Anthony Hsiao
CEO Matterway

Welcome –
the Matterway brand

Brand styleguide –
the look and feel of Matterway

The brand style guide outlines the visual and written elements that define the Matterway brand. It includes details such as logo usage, color schemes, typography, tone of voice, and design principles.

Branding materials –
shipping a brand.

The new brand is being used in all kinds of ways, as you would expect from a SaaS start-up. In the digital product, on pitch decks, but of course also on T-shirts and with a large logo on the office wall. Being proud of this is part of the strategy.

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