Digital DJ Pool

A DJ Pool platform reimagined

Rebranding each touchpoint

the "cherryphones" are the new unique signature

UX-Overhaul of the platform

Slicker user flows, clearer actions, appealing upselling - in an all new UI

Digital DJ Pool
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Music Tech
Several Sprints in 2020 and 22

Lead Design
Designers UX / UI

About the project

Digital DJ Pool is a place for labels, artists and managers to promote their music by submitting it directly to DJs and radio stations worldwide. The platform offers a large library of music in over 40 genres.
Besides a general UX overhault, we designed a simple and inspiring discovery experience and a range of social networking features to increase user engagement on the platform. The project scope included the platform's desktop and mobile experience, as well as the new website, branding and design system.

A brand worth recognizing

Tasked with modernising the brand's look and feel, we designed a new adaptive logo and harmonised and extended the colour palette of the user interface. The so-called "Cherry Phones" became the client's new trademark, loved and adapted by its target audience.

Redesign & UX-Overhaul
of the platform

Create music sets
in minutes

Digital DJ Pool is an indispensable resource for DJs looking to create their sets with ease. The browsing experience has been thoughtfully designed for easy navigation, allowing the user to curate sets in a matter of minutes. Users can find tracks, artists and labels fast and download whole crates to streamline their set creation process.

Hand-picked selections
every week

The discovery of new tracks is the cornerstone of the product. That’s why the vast library can now be explored through curated lists and daily updated charts and trends pages that provide inspiration. The platform offers new music every day, directly from labels, artists, and producers.


The platform experience is enriched by interactive features - artists can now get valuable feedback from DJs in over 150 countries around the world and gain global exposure. Users can follow DJs, labels and artists they love and stay up to date with a personalized feed of music and notifications about the newest releases.

Mobile experience for music
on the go

With the mobile app you can listen to new music, build crates, and refine your playlists from any location. Files can be downloaded and played offline - you’ll never have to worry about unreliable network connection.

Quick win: Track your performance
with transparent data

Digital DJ Pool is a comprehensive platform designed for artists and record labels looking to promote their music. We designed a range of powerful features that grow your fan base, track global exposure, and promote new tracks effectively. With our analytics and insights, artists can measure their performance in real time, allowing to make data-driven decisions and take their music to the next level.

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