Maker DAO

Financial dashboard for stable crypto coins

Zero to one

Bringing a dashboard product and it`s financial functions to life.

Custom Illustrations

Unique picture language for onboarding and modal dialogue experiences.

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6 weeks in 2017

Design Lead
UX / UI Designer

About the project

In an unsteady market, Maker DAO envisioned a way to create stable crypto coins. We supported their efforts, creating a digital product out of an idea and a set of tables – making it understandable, functional and fun for their users.

Turning a business
idea into a digital service

Product vision workshops –
Identify functions and use cases

UX concept workshop with the product team in our garden office. We clustered data sets, created function groups and grouped application scenarios in order to invent an interface in the next step.

Turning a datalist
into a digital dashboard

In several layout steps, we structured the user interface around a compelling dashboard and gave the user the ability to easily perform financial actions.

Implementing financial functionalities
such as deposit, withdrawl, etc.

Making crypto features transparent and easy to get is key to reaching new markets. We designed all user flows to follow the same patterns and added subscriptive text and images.

Selling the product -
website and illustrations

Enhancing the crypto journey
through tailored illustrations

Engaging illustrations and icons served to shape the brand and articulate values.

A one-pager
to promote the beta version.

A simple website was created to launch the new dashboard. We contributed design, copy, images and HTML/CSS.

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