Product market fit & usability improvements

Two days of field tests

to test the usability and navigation under construction-side conditions.

Product vision for different user groups

Conception of tomorrow's functionalities

Meisterwerk App GmbH
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Construction Tech
Several sprints in 2020 & 2021

Design Lead
UX / UI Designers

About the project

Meisterwerk is a Berlin-based startup that has developed a project and time tracking app specifically designed for craftsmen. This target group often relies on traditional paper order slips to manage their projects, but Meisterwerk's digital alternative offers a more efficient and effective solution.

Our team was tasked with analyzing the current processes used by craftsmen and creating a user-friendly digital alternative that would demonstrate the added value of Meisterwerk's service. We collaborated closely with the company's business team to develop a future vision for the platform and created initial layout designs for the first incremental steps. As a result, we successfully delivered a time-tracking feature to development and helped Meisterwerk move closer to achieving product-market fit.

Mobile Time & Task Tracking –
Employees can log their progress on the go.

Quick data-input wizard –
Add time, date & task details.

The quick data-input wizard is a tool designed to make it easy for craftsmen to add important details such as time, date, and task information to their records. With this wizard, users can input all the relevant information in a matter of seconds, without having to worry about making mistakes or forgetting important details. It was very important to us and the client that not only tech-savvy users enjoy the tool so in addition, the wizard is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so even novice users can easily navigate through it and input their data with ease.

Documentation -
Easy to capture

Track tasks –
Checkoff tasks & document.

Craftsmen can easily add important details such as time, date, and task information to their records with the help of the quick data-input wizard tool. This tool enables users to input all the relevant information in just a few seconds, without worrying about making mistakes or forgetting important details.

See progress at a glance –
Log & edit working hours.

The addition of a header element allows users to quickly see the number of hours worked within a specific period and whether any overtime has been accrued. Users can also easily navigate between days or view all entries for a particular timeframe, such as a day or week, and switch between them with ease.

To use screen space efficiently, single entries are expandable. Each separate time entry is listed below, along with a sum.

Future Vision
Back-office desktop planning suite

n the future, the tool will provide a utilization overview for employee assignments with free availabilities marked. The detailed view of assignments shows timeframes, employees deployed, and assignment documents with a to-do list. Also, deployment locations will include additional information such as location, assignment number, and client contact info for optimal employee support and to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and searching, ensuring employees are always well-prepared for essential tasks.

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