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About the project

Lykon is a healthcare brand for health seekers and hobby athletes. The company gathers expert knowledge in the field of health and nutrition. It offers DNA and blood tests that help uncover nutritional intolerances that stand in the way of sustainable weight loss or healthy digestion. Tests are accompanied by tailored supplements and personalized nutrition plans that help achieve health goals in the long term.

The design scope included developing an engaging UX flow for a digital health-check — a survey on health goals and issues that guides the user towards products best suited for their individual challenges. In addition we did a full website redesign — communicating the value for the user and restructuring the current information architecture.

Quick win:
optimized website navigation

As a side-project, we restructured the menus to enable users to find the products and information faster. Overall, the redesign has helped Lykon to communicate their value proposition more effectively.

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