DISH Order

Redesigning the order experience

Ten research interviews

with restaurant owners to understand their struggles with existing solutions.

Regular bi-weekly

user testings with end customers to exceed industry standards.

Flexible module based layouts

for easy customization based on restaurateurs individual setups

DISH Order by Metro AG
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Food Delivery Tech

Project Consultant
UX / UI Designers

About the project

DISH Order is an online ordering system that can be integrated with any website. It provides small restaurant owners with independence from food delivery platforms and their large commissions. The restaurant's management portal offers easy administration and customization.

Our task was to design an intuitive, error-proof meal ordering system for end-users on mobile and desktop. This included creating a comprehensive UX map, designing the full user experience, and developing an accompanying design system.

Meal ordering just got easier –
Ordering system for take away & delivery

What’s on the menu?
Orientation with ease

Appealing and quick to scan vs. customizable and heavy on informations - to bridge the gap between end customers and restaurant owners requests for the menu we came up with a flexible item structure which can depict informations and item status on different hierarchy levels - with and without photos.

No dish is the same –
order customization

No restaurant is the same was one of the major learning from our expert interviews. Especially the menu detail pages needed a wide range of flexibility to consider each possible case. We developed an easy to understand logic for extras, sizes and combination items.

Dinner is ready –
designing the full journey

Customer expectations are high for a flawless experience with an ordering app - thanks to the continuous improvement of major market players. We had to meet competitors' features and surpass them in desirability while adding a few flexible specials: Delivery or pickup process with timed steps, nudging user to tip or creating an account to earn loyalty points, magic-link checkin and maintenance mode.

Anything else?
Pickup, delivery and payment

Restaurateurs need full flexibility when it comes to pickup and delivery. Some switch the offered options based on lunch or dinner service - some have own delivery fleets while others just accept cash at the door (but getting tips is great for everyone). We created a module based, guided checkout process to lead the user as frictionless as possible to their targeted objective: the placed order.

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