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New design for loan application processes

Time savings for the back office

More than 60% less time spend handling individual applications.

Higher engagement rate

for academy content and general attendance rate

Unified appearance

based on the new corporate design

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Fin Tech, Education Tech

Design Consultant
UX / UI Designers

About the project

Deutsche Bildung accompanies students through all financial aspects of their studies. In addition to student loans, the service also covers webinars, coaching, and an alumni network.

The client approached us to streamline the application process for student loans and, in a second round, to redesign the entire client portal.

Based on their analytics and interviews with their case officers, we created several solutions for the many edge cases in loan handling and switched the whole client portal to a mobile-first approach.

Distinct & supportive UI design
for higher engagement rates

Pre-screening –
Are you eligible for funding?

Deutsche Bildung offers pre-screening to help students determine if they are eligible for funding. We designed a query process with clear questions that created a fast and pleasant path for the user and significantly reduced the total time and inquiries by email for our client. At the end of the survey, users receive an estimate of the funding they can expect as support, preventing them from wasting time on applications that may not be approved and increasing their chances of success.

Your financing after request –
Overview, history and status query

How are you?
Mandatory updates

A challenge for the team was to keep in touch with their students for mandatory updates on student status and life changes. Therefor we came up with a notification system based on length of study and semester timings which includes a quick data-input wizard for adding important details and the ability to upload documents for creating a comprehensive semester update with ease.

Recognize what matters –
your dates and overview

To support students in their schedule planning we designed a main page which directly shows their upcoming appointments, such as webinars or other events. Additionally, the dashboard displays details about their financing, including the date of the next payment and other conditions. The finance detail view provides a comprehensive overview of payments, helping students keep track of what they have already received and what amounts are still outstanding as well as the option to edit their payment schedule.

Support along the course of study –
webinars, articles, online workshops

Deutsche Bildung aims to support students not only financially, but also with knowledge and further qualifications in their studies. Therefor we redesigned the media center and enriched the functionality with a personalized recommendation page, bookmark functionality and adapted the design for the additional offering pages (e.g. coaching and alumni circle).

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