Bringing a sales product to the next level

One Product vision

Work out an insight-driven product strategy and deriving quick wins

All-new Design System

New user interface design and collaborated with the backoffice team to ensure seamless integration

Sidekick: New logo design

We redesigned the logo to meet the new design.

Commercial Excellence GmbH
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Sales Operations
2021 / 22

Design Consultant
Product Designer UX/UI

About the project

When the founders approached us, they expressed a strong desire to improve the product's user experience while also incorporating a variety of ideas for features that they had gathered through their daily business. To achieve this, we delved deep into the company's thinking and processes to find ways to transform their product into a simple yet highly relevant tool for sales professionals.

One vision
to align on a product future

Future vision –
for roadmap planning

The founders' goal was to build a prototype as quickly as possible in order to communicate the product's potential to investors and identify features for a roadmap. For that purpose, we created an outlook into future features and user experience

Product optimization
in incremental steps

Quick wins –
to enable quick improvement

Speed is key when you are a startup. We helped ComX to put two quick wins out there fast: an updated dashboard and a improved user onboarding.

Refreshing the look&feel –
redoing the logo

Our objective was to provide the brand and user interface with a fresh and professional look, as well as create assets and components that would enable all future developments. Additionally, we shipped a new logo - as a cherry on top.

UX-Overhaul –
the complete makeover

By applying the new features, navigation concepts and look&feel to other pages it became a rollout.

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