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Our UX Agency Portfolio.

Complete makeover for a record pool from NYC

Digital DJ Pool offers a music subscription for major radio and club DJs. Boana redesigned the product experience of their web and mobile apps and renewed the branding.

With our client in NYC and our studio in Berlin, remote workshops, video chats and on-point briefings were the order of the day.

Hang on.
There is also a mobile app.

Still up for more?
We also gave the brand a quick face‑lift.

UX design, frontend and branding for a prop‑tech.

The digital tenant platform Allthings brings together asset managers, tenants and real estate companies. We helped transforming their business idea into a product as they made their first steps into the market.

The platform consists of different micro-apps – each app serving a different user need.
The responsive design ist mobile-first, yet looks good on larger screens.
We employed unique illustrations for the onboarding experience.

We shipped the UI design in a coded component library.

A structured system of UI elements (design system) was the basis for a slick production.
We shipped a library with UI components, developed to work with any backend technology.

Hang on.
A platform product needs a logo.

We explored tons of typefaces and logo shapes.
We discussed and evaluated the results with our client and their customers.

UX design for digital soft skill learning

The Berlin based startup Intao offers a digital and sustainable continuous learning tool to employees in corporate environments. Boana designed a streamlined learning experience and retitled the product.

Ready for more?
We also developed the tone and look of the brand.

Next, we designed a one-pager and register flow for the product launch.

Branding and website for the
B2B startup Matterway.

Matterway changes the way humans interact with enterprise software. We helped them rebrand the company, design their product and supported them throughout their transformation.

We refined brand values and subsequently renamed and redesigned the brand.

The brand values set the stage for the design process.
We discussed 60+ brand names and mocked up over 16 design directions to find the perfect one. 👾

Collaboratively, we designed sales story, landing page and illustration style.

Have a look at the all-new marketing materials.

Business cards
Sales deck
Startup exhibition stand

A crypto currency dashboard for Maker DAO

In an unsteady market, Maker DAO envisioned a way to create stable crypto coins. We supported their efforts, making the solution understandable, functional and fun for their users.

UX concept workshop with the product team in our old garden office. CTO hides behind a pear tree to grab a call. 😎

Engaging illustrations and icons served to shape the brand and articulate values.

Branding for the Love Europe Project

A group of movie makers came together to showcase a variety of perspectives on Europe. Their short films where published on ARTE and ZDF. Boana created the brand for them.

A tipping app for travelers and vacationists

In a two week UX sprint, we designed the app Tip Like A Local and created the blueprint for development.

Ideation, scoping and feature planning workshop with the client.
Feedback session with users on the design prototype. Does it satisfy a need for travelers? Is it easy and fun to use?

Pulselocker is a music streaming service for DJs.

We designed the web platform, the native app, brand and marketing assets for the SF based startup. In 2018, Pulselocker was acquired by Beatport.

A minimum viable product for a meetup app

In one role, Hitzeroad makes it easy to organize events with friends. In another, it offers a conversion channel for theme parks and other event providers.

We crafted the visual look for the GGC Conference.

The German NGO Initiative Schule im Aufbruch gGmbH is working on the future of education and schools. Boana supported their effort by creating a brand identity for the 2016 conference »Global Goals Curriculum«.